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Saturday, December 02, 2006

In Baghdad

This poem is in honor of Sgt. James D. Priestap, a soldier from Hardwood, MI (Dickinson County) who was killed in Iraq.

In Baghdad

US military deaths hit
as of Tuesday Nov. 28, 2006

and yours among them
on Thanksgiving day, Jim
killed by a sniper at checkpoint 17
distributing food and water
to Iraqi police
giving candy to children

securing Baghdad
baga data: God given
a sheep enclosure
with blast walls and barbed wire,

and you in body armor
the bullet hit your shoulder
then your heart.

Who will hang the drywall in Hardwood,
work the night shift,
be husband and father, hero?

Is war still about the land,
the oil, race, and religion,
and changing the map of the world?

Your platoon divided
the ammo from your weapon.